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Pull-Up Free and Other Thoughts

February 21st, 2009 at 11:57 pm

Yes, my DD is finally out of Pull-Ups! She has been potty trained for about a year during the day, but had been wearing Pull-Ups at night. She had been dry during the night for at least three months, but she still wanted to wear the Pull-Ups at night. Everytime I tried to convince her to go without, she would start peeing in her Pull-Up that night. I don't know why but suddenly she does not want her Pull-Ups anymore. She's been without the Pull-Ups at night for a week now and I think I can get rid of them for good. Woo-Hoo! Pull-Ups are expensive!

I went to the Open House for the private school that I'm hoping my son will be attending this fall. All the parents were eyeballing the other parents and their kids. DS is going to test and interview next month for the kindergarten class so I need to work with him on writing and etiquette. The school tests and interviews the kids without the parents so I'm hoping that my son doesn't repeat some of the choice words that my husband and I have accidentally said in front of the kids. It's so sad but I pay so much in daycare that I will actually be saving thousands by sending him to private K-8. The back-up school is the local public elementary that is excellent, but we are going to try this school first.

I didn't save any of my weekly allowance this week b/c I ordered Girl Scout cookies from a co-worker and bought some items for another fundraiser at work. I have replenished my allowance and will hope for the best. I think I can bring lunch four days this week.

I get paid on Monday so I can add another $1,000 to my savings. My savings is slowly getting up there. I'm just trying to remember that the plan is in place and it's a matter of the execution now. Good luck to everyone this week.